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12" Shadows #97127

Shadows See Larger Images and Variations
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Release Date: April 16, 2021

Limited to 100 copies handnumbered copies 12" gold vinyl with insert with lyrics and digital download code.

Debut mini album featuring members of Immolation and Goreaphobia performing dark avatngarde metal with classic influences (featuring Pink Floyd, Celtic Frost, Sisters of Mercy, Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate and Voivod). Mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios.

Line-up: Alex Bouks, Henny Piotrowski, Jake G. and Lance Walter.

1. Ghost of Old
2. Shadows
3. Night of the Goat Winter Moon
4. Elders
5. Sea of Dust
6. Ancient Eyes

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