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Echoes Silver Bundle See Larger Images and Variations

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Release Date: September 4, 2020

Bundle Includes:

-Echoes Collector's Edition 3x12" (silver vinyl)

-Echoes T-Shirt


Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies heavy tripple silver vinyl in a de-luxe thick cardboard box. Comes with A2. High volume cut vinyl!

Four first demos of IN MOURNING for the first time released together as 3LP box-set. No CD, no digital release only high-volume cut vinyl. Cover artwork by Kristian Wahlin aka Necrolord. Layout by RaDesign.


Demo I – „In Mourning”
1. Eyes Of The Night
2. Awake Those Wrapped In Dusk

Demo I – „In Mourning”
3. Sins Within An Angel
4. Through The Depth Of Misery

Demo II – „Senseless”
1. Senseless
2. In Tears She Went Away
3. Interpret The Signs

Demo II – „Senseless”
4. Underneath The Dreams
5. Life Emulation
6. Sad Serenity

Demo III – „Need”
1. Stain Of Perverse
2. Dark From Different Lights
3. Need

Demo IV – „Confessions Of The Black Parasite”
1. Confessions
2. By Others Considered
3. The Appeal
4. Porcelain Kiss
5. A Parlour For The Crestfallen

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