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Bundles Under Satan's Wrath Black LP + M Tee #104108

Under Satan's Wrath Black LP + M Tee See Larger Images and Variations
"Under Satan's Wrath" T-Shirt:

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Release Date: April 15, 2022

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Bundle Includes:

-Mystifier / Lucifer's Child "Under Satan's Wrath" [Limited Edition] CD (Limited to 1000 copies digipak CD)

-Mystifier "Under Satan's Wrath" [Limited Edition] T-Shirt


Black metallers LUCIFER'S CHILD and MYSTIFIER have partnered up for a Greco-Brazilian split release on Agonia Records, featuring three songs from each band. Put together despite an ocean's distance, "Under Satan's Warth" displays the borderlessness of black metal in the strict sense. The collision of Brazilian occultism & Hellenic blasphemy ensues blistering sonic impressions in a hellish dance of cultures, robed in a gold black garment from Mitchell Nolte (Aborted, Baest).

All MYSTIFIER tracks where recorded and mixed at Usb Studio (rhythm guitars) and Darkside Studio (drums, lead guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals). All LUCIFER'S CHILD tracks where recorded and mixed at Pentagram Studio (Rotting Christ, Septicflesh). The latter mastered the split.

1. Death Beyond Holy Creation
2. Under Inhumane Evil Spells
3. Worship Her (Samael cover)
4. Satan's Wrath
5. Nova Tenebris
6. Enter The Eternal Fire (Bathory cover)

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