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Release Date: April 15, 2022

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Limited to 1000 copies MCD with exclusive bonus track.

"The Pestilence" adds five raging compositions to the deathly metallic annals of CENTINEX, which hold a wealth of reputable installments since 1990. As the older sibling of the lauded underground group Demonical, CENTINEX operates within a familiar sonic sphere, yet is more inclined to a less melodic and more conventional death metal approach, that accentuates austereness, brutality and distinctive riffing. The two bands are linked by bassist & founder Martin Shulman, key songwriter for CENTINEX, who had this to say on "The Pestilence": "Drawing influences and inspiration from the old thrash scene, especially the German one, this release does bring us closer to our past and the early days of Centinex. It also represent something new and a direction we most likely will explore even more in the future. We will dwell in the past and crawl even deeper into the history (of extreme metal) as in our opinion the past was brighter than the future. Production wise we aimed to get an old-school sound, organic and breathing, a production which is pretty much in strict contrast to what is standard in today’s scene."

The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonas Arnberg between June and July 2021 at Sellnoise Studios in Sweden. The photo which graces the cover artwork was taken by Susan Wicher. The artwork was created by Dwi Nugraha.

1. Armageddon
2. Evil is Evil
3. Tremble in Fear
4. Torture
5. Afraid of the Light*

*Exclusive bonus track

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